Game Console Buying Guide

Game Console Buying Guide – Do you want to buy a game console? Please read our article before you decide

Game Console Buying Guide
Game Console Buying Guide


The first point is, of course, performance. You can play smooth games with a powerful game console. Also, it must be fast to support high resolution.   Resolution


If you have a 4k TV, doesn’t it need to be 4k on your game console? However, if you don’t have a 4k television and don’t plan on buying it for a long time, it won’t matter if your game console supports 4k or hdr.

Ease Of Playing - Game Console Buying Guide

Ease Of Playing

Needing a television to play games is a bit of a disadvantage. In addition, it may be one of your preferences to purchase a game console suitable for the use of children. You can also choose an easily portable game console that you can use while traveling. An example of this type is of course Nintendo Switch.   Exclusive Games - Game Console Buying Guide

Exclusive Games

Some games can only be played on a specific game console. These games are called exclusive games. The advantageous game console at this point is Play Station. God Of War, Uncharted and many other games can only be played on the Play Station system. Of course, every game console system has exclusive games.   Online Gaming

Online Gaming

You can play online with systems such as Xbox Game Pass and Playstation Network (PSN). The Xbox Game Pass system is more expensive than the PSN system, but offers much more games. On the other hand, as long as you subscribe with the PSN system, you usually get 2 games per month. At this point, Xbox Game Pass is more advantageous.



If exclusive games are important to you, our recommendation will be PS4 Pro. If you don’t care if it is exclusive but you want to play a lot of games cheaper, Xbox One X  better. And if you need a console that is for children and could play anywhere, Nintendo Switch is a good o


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