Tv Box Buying Guide

TV Box - Tv Box Buying Guide


Tv Box Buying Guide

Tv Box Buying Guide – There are many TV boxes on the market. So which one should we buy? There are very important details to be considered here. Let’s examine these details together.


Google certification - Tv Box Buying Guide



The tv box you buy must be certified by Google. Of course you can also choose apple tv. In this case, it will be apple certified. Many applications will cause problems in TV boxes that are not certified by Google. This feature will help you eliminate 99% of the TV boxes on the market.


Supported codecs - Tv Box Buying Guide


Supported Codecs

You need to check the formats supported by the tv box. Does it support MKV format? Importantly, are there audio supports such as DTS, Dolby Surround?


4K or HDR Support - Tv Box Buying Guide

4K or HDR Support

IT must have 4k video support and hdr video support? Your current television may not support them, but we still have to think about your future television.




Supported Inputs

It is recommended to have important inputs such as Spdif, Hdmi number, ethernet, wifi, usb.





Processor speed and Ram size are the most important factors that allow you to play videos or games fluently.



It will be to your advantage to try TV boxes in multi media markets. Please note that some applications do not work on devices that are not google certified. In applications installed externally, you may not even be able to use the device’s remote control. You should also examine the suitability of any application you will use most. For example, while such applications like Netflix are compatible on almost any device,  but most applications may not be compatible with your TV box. We recommend you to try your favourite apps by installing the them in multi media markets. We hope this tv box buying guide will be useful to you.

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