Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Mobile Phone (Smartphone) Buying Guide

Smartphone buying guide
Mobile Phone Buying Guide

Mobile Phone (Smartphone) Buying Guide – Buying mobile phone is usually frusrating. Lots of productors, lots of brands, lots of models, lots of specifications makes us angry if we have no idea about how to choose the right one.

Which Operating System? iOS or Android?

iPhone users are not only telephone users, they are usually an Apple fan! Even they’re fan of every Apple product or eveything that Apple makes. So, if you use iOS before, your next phone probably be another iPhone. But if you don’t want to spend much, Android is really another strong operating system for mobile phones and other devices because it has a huge number of developers.

Which Brand? Samsung or Apple?

These two manufacturers are making big fight in mobile phone world. How to buy the best mobile phone

Which Processor is the best for mobile phones? Qualcomm or MediaTek?

Qualcom’s Snapdragon is good at performance but MediaTek’s Helio provides more battery life with its smart and powerful design.

How much need to be spent? Premium, Mid-Range or Budget?

Some people choose their mobile phones to show their status, but a lot of them choose mobile phones according to their necessities. Which phone is better?

Second Phone or Dual-Sim Phone?

Two numbers, one phone? Yes, there are good and low-budget solutions.

What is the best Aspect Ratio?

Nowadays, best aspect ratio is 16:9 which is ultra wide screen because wathcing movies and playing games are more enjoyable with this screen type. Also color quality and brightness are other important subjects especially under daylight. A good mobile phone’s screen has to be seen well under sunlight.

Size of Storage and RAM

Day by day, storage and RAM sizes getting bigger; so you should have a mobile phone which has at least 32 GB storage and 4 GB of RAM. For the suggested best mobile phones are listed here.   We hope this article helped you answer the questions below

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