Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide


Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide – Obviously, one of the most challenging products to buy is laptops. Continue reading the article, you will see the reasons.


1- Decide what to use the laptop for

While buying a laptop, many issues such as mobility, portability, performance, power consumption and elegance should be taken into consideration and this balance is very related. For example, if you want a laptop with a better performance, you may have to sacrifice power consumption, therefore charging time and mobility (because it can be quite heavy).

Performance - Laptop Buying Guide

2- Performance Laptop

This is the type of laptop that users want most and of course will also recommend most. Because battery life, performance and lightness ratio are indispensable for a laptop. We think that other uses are a bit contrary to the philosophy of using laptop.

Gaming Laptop

3-Gaming Laptop

This issue is a bit sensitive. If you had said that you would buy a laptop for this purpose 5 years ago, we would definitely have objected, but things have changed a bit. A laptop purchased for gaming purposes must have an external graphics card and a high performance. The need for performance will also increase weight, which is completely contrary to the logic of the laptop. It will also reduce the usage time on the battery very much. As we mentioned earlier, we would recommend buying a desktop computer if it were five years ago. Nowadays, desktop computer prices have exceeded laptop prices because you have paid separate distributors for each part. Laptops have become more advantageous in price as they are manufactured by manufacturers and in large numbers. If you are looking for a laptop for both business and gaming, you can evaluate this category.


4- Laptops For Design Purposes

It is a category especially preferred by graphic designers and announced in the market with names such as ultrabook. They need to produce high performance like gaming laptops and must also be portable. Therefore, they appear as aluminum case, thinly designed technology masterpieces. It should be supported with a good external graphics card, especially in order to work with the correct colors when designing, the LCD screen must be quality enough (Like Retina screen)



5-Features to be considered when buying a laptop

a- Case

Aluminum cases work very quietly as they eliminate the need for fans. They are also very stylish.

b- External Graphics Card

If you want graphics performance, you have to choose a laptop with an external graphics card. You can check out which graphics card is better at sites like



You should choose a laptop with the ports you need, such as hdmi or vga.


d-Material Quality – Service Support

You can find two different laptops with the same features in the market but with a considerable price difference between them. The main reason for this is the material quality. The battery life of one can be halved in two years, while the battery life of the other can be halved in six months. Technical service support is also an important detail.


6-Go And Experience

Go to technology markets to try and review the laptop. It would be wiser to examine any product before purchasing it.

Here are some review videos we found on the internet.

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