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Headphone Buying Guide


Headphone Buying Guide

Headphone Buying Guide – Headphones are now one of the most commonly used accessories today. Others prefer large headphones, while others prefer wireless small headphones. Our choices reflect our lifestyles. So which headset is suitable for us? Read the rest of our article to find out.


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Headphone Buying Guide – Headphone Type

Over Ear

Fully covers your ear, can be used when you don’t want to hear outside voice

On Ear

It takes less space. At the level of your ears

In Ear

It is used as an ear. Some do not prefer it because it hurts the ear. Can be wired or wireless


The only difference from in ear headphones is that it does not fall easily thanks to its better ergonomic design.


It is the type of headset that most people prefer more. If you do not choose a version with a high connection speed, it may cause breaks or even cuts in the sound. You should prefer headphones that use a new version of bluetooth technology.


It is the type of headphones used by DJs or those who want to hear all the details in the sound. It is naturally the most expensive.


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Frequency Range

The wider the frequency range, the better quality it can produce. Today, values from 20 Hz to 20KHz are average values.


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